We’ve been testing the Amazon Echo, a home Bluetooth speaker that also connects to Amazon’s new digital assistant. Using voice commands, we can ask it to perform some basic tasks, like checking the news or playing streaming music. We answer the most common questions people have about the Echo, and let you know whether it’s worth the investment.


  1. I don't understand why people insist on calling this things artificial intelligence when in reality this is just a voice recognition software with some few commands.
    In order to be a real A.I, it needs to learn by itself new things and apply them.

  2. The way these two communicate annoys me to watch, and dude in the glasses needs to stop talking sometimes. Give your partner a chance to talk you like to hear yourself way to much and cut people off non stop

  3. I wouldn't have anything to do with Amazon. They cheat everyone with
    whom they come into contact. They cheat their vendors, suppliers, and
    customers. If you deal with them as a vendor, they will take your
    product, and then find it somewhere else, cheaper, and this suspend
    your account or remove YOUR product in favor of the cheaper one, but
    charge a higher price for it. That is NOT good business practices. But
    then, you don't expect that Amazon got where they are by being honest,
    do you?

  4. so annoying seeing the asian dude wanting so bad to jump in and be a part of the whole review all while the white dude keeps beating him to the bunch!!!! let the other guy be a part of the video not just another "interested shopper". geez!!!!!

  5. Rdio died sadly. Mog did too. There is Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Google Play that i'm aware of.

    Spotify sucks because of its bitrate limitations. Also the UI for Spotify is messy and convuluted if you ask me.

  6. So..basically its a device running an app like siri/ok google. They should sell the app to make your phone an echo device when you need it. I dont trust such a big brother/dataminer running constantly in my house. Even if it got a mute button. Nowadays routers can be hacked..the hacker in me would see that as next target when it gets popular.

  7. Amazon banned my account because my friends kept ordering PS4s from my Amazon echo lol. I had 1 click set up and they would always say "Alexa order me a PS4" and i'd have it delivered the next day. After the 4th or 5th one I sent back for a refund they banned my account, it doesn't let me order anything else now.

  8. Don't really see how this saves much time, seems like something really lazy people will use to think they're being more productive. Takes the same amount of time to type out a shopping list than it does to say it.


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