Dean Ornish talks about simple, low-tech and low-cost ways to take advantage of the body’s natural desire to heal itself.


  1. An excellent talk by a proven expert in lifestyle medicene and nutrition. "Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural food is that which grows out of the ground." – 'Abdu'l-Baha, Bahá'u'lláh & the New Era

  2. Smart, brilliant man, but my God he talks fast.   Well, At least his presentation is not peppered with "uh's".  Obviously, no brain fog here.

  3. This is VERY bad science mixed with new age rhetoric. The TYPE of fat is very VERY important and the carbohydrates mentioned should NOT include grains. He needs to read the research from Steve Phinney, Darren Schmidt and Paul Witerton Who will refute just about everything that was said in this misleading Ted talk.

  4. The people commenting that he's incorrect about eating fat must not have fully watched the video. He says you should eat healthy fats, and not unhealthy fats. Pretty obvious. Healthy e.g. nuts, avocados, omega 3. Unhealthy e.g. saturated fat, red meat, etc.

  5. In my understanding the health is being compromised when both fats and carbohydrates are consumed together on a dayly basis. Acording our metabolic states that uses ketones or glucose for energy it must be understood that body can choose one at a time. So if one eats low fat high carb diet chooses the glucose side and if one chooses high fat low carb diet chooses ketone side. One should not mix these two metabolic states or he will get sick. Am i wrong?

  6. Jesus wept! What a great video – life changing . Gonna give it a go, maybe I'll end up being  able to speak like Dean – Never saw him take more than two breaths,  must be great for the lungs as well as the heart !! Tim

  7. This isn't complicated.  Keep protein and healthy fats high.  Eliminate processed foods, especially processed and refined carbohydrates altogether.  If it comes in a wrapper or box, don't eat it.  Minimize wheat, rye, grains, oats, and barley.  Carbohydrates should come from fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and dark leafy greens.  These also contain the vitamins and minerals which are essential.  Eat smaller meals but eat more frequently.  If you need supplements, get them from whole food sourced supplements from reputable companies.  The body requires essential amino acids (proteins) and essential fats that it must acquire from outside, that it cannot produce on its own.

  8. Whole flaxseed is a great source of omega 3 that is guaranteed to be lower in contaminants than fish oil.  It's also more environmentally friendly and gives you a great source of fibre and lignans.

  9. I know I have high tri's. Omega 3 fatty acids is one way for me to get healthier. Now that I have attained my Jenny Craig Weight I am going to increase vegtables, fish in my diet. Buying Omega 3's on line appears to be the cheapest way to get them. I know I should just fish but there is a time factor.

  10. It must be very tough when everything you have been preaching for decades has been 100% discredited. Low-fat diets, promoted by Ornish since the 1980's, is what has destroyed our health.

  11. In reading the comments while Ornish was talking I enjoyed seeing all the different responses to this talk.  I enjoyed his talk immensely and I too have gone to a different type of diet after years of trying to control my weight through normal diet pills and exercise.  Recently, I've come to the conclusion that the only way I will ever feel comfortable in my own skin is through more vigorous training and while I agree with those meat eaters out there that say we were meant to eat it I don't believe we were meant to eat the steroid injected, GMO and unnaturally raised animals and vegetables that are available to the average consumer.

  12. for a while now i've been pushing the masai diet.  the masai are a kenyan tribe that only live on food from cattle, milk, beef, and blood.  I can't get blood here in the states, so it's only milk and beef for me.  The masai have an important saying, "If a man eats meat and drinks milk on the same day, he is a glutton."  Hence each day I have to choose whether it shall be a milk day or a beef day.  I myself always choose milk, so essentially i've been living on fluid milk products for the last six years.  It has been fantastic for my health, I'm six feet, one inch, the last time I weighed I was 154 pounds, I do superbly on my annual physical.  I think it's good for mental health as well because milk tastes so good and it's good to know when you drink it you're doing something healthy for yourself.  I'm pushing doctors to test the fluid-milk-products diet to see if it might help with various diseases, including biggies like cancer and AIDS.

  13. Ornish makes some good points, but he is wrong about meat and saturated fat.  How can humans be made sick by meat and fat, when humans have been living on it for over 2 million years, and all hunter gathers want to eat as much meat as they can?  My Dad cured his Type I diabetes on essentially an Atkins diet.


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