Near the town of Herning in Denmark sits Elia, a giant metal dome sculpture by Ingvar Cronhammar that occasionally spouts flame. I reckon it’s the world’s most frustrating piece of art, and here’s why.

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  1. Come to Calgary Canada to see the dumbest works of "art" ever created! These art works have made Calgary a bit of a laughingstock. We have the "blue hoop", the "poop palace", the "wishing well"(that one has been removed since it was burning people). We also have the "peace bridge" a pedestrian bridge not designed for Calgary winters, repairs to date have cost over 700,000 dollars for the lights alone! looks nice though ;-).

  2. that is a pretty bold claim you made there! In Halberstadt/Germany there's an organ playing the longest musical piece of all time. It's scheduled for 640 years. The notes change a couple times a year at best.

  3. Someone actually died there a couple of months ago. A 21 year old guy and his friends apperently were chasing each other up the stairs when the 21 year old jumped over the fence not realizing that there were a giant hole there.

  4. Your video got featured on The Awesomer. But unfortunately they didn't mention you once (They did link directly to your video, but still, its a bit rude not to include you in the description.

  5. I'm like into this artist now this is such a wicked cool concept I wish I could be there in person to get the whole inhuman alien ufo effect. it would be tight to get that as a physical feeling. I think thats why sculpture is such an amazing medium

  6. "There is something about being there."
    That is why virtual reality tourism will always be a second best case scenario compromise and why I always prefer to go and check it out myself. There's just always something magical about going to see something like the Mona Lisa in person and say to your family, "Well… That's incredibly overrated…"
    It's completely fantastic! ^__^

    "I got 25 minutes to leave and get my flight."
    Do you mean you have to arrive at the airport, 2 hours prior to your flight for security checks, in 25 minutes, or do you mean you have to catch your flight in 25 minutes?? Cos, if you gotta board your flight in 25 minutes time, then… mate, I don't think that you're gonna make it :/


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