Statistician Nic Marks asks why we measure a nation’s success by its productivity — instead of by the happiness and well-being of its people. He introduces the Happy Planet Index, which tracks national well-being against resource use (because a happy life doesn’t have to cost the earth). Which countries rank highest in the HPI? You might be surprised.

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  2. Seriously… Mexico is in second place?!! Are you people insane?! We mexicans live in poverty, we have a major violence crisis and rampant corruption, and a huge income inequality gap. Many people die from treatable diseases and the environment is slowly degradating to a point where swimming in rivers and oceans causes many health problems. This guy and his HPI is a joke, it only gives corrupt leaders from developing countries another excuse to change nothing. NOTHING!

  3. If you want to achieve a goal of happiness around the world then why dont us start a project with a small country. Like nepal:people are not happy and the reason is hidden despite government.

  4. Right now in costa rica we are massively deforesting our forest for pineapple cattle Palm Oil Sugar to export to china and europe and the USA this soon will have negative effect as people are becoming more western and wanting all this materialistic things like playstations nice cars etc etc  so not everything here as it is painted.  But I m very happy and bless to live in costa rica.

  5. The Happy Planet Index is one of the biggest jokes I have seen, VIETNAM is second. If that dosent show how crazy this is… well I suggest you move to Vietnam.

  6. Don't know about Colombia, but at least in the case of Costa Rica is because at some point we understand that everything is so incredibly fucked up that we no longer give a fuck, besides, frienship plays a big, big role in our lives. Don't get me wrong, Happy Planet Index may have nice intentions BUT it has to be analyzed carefully in order to not pervert its results in order to fuck society even more, which has happened to Costa Rican society. The whole country is going into a void but….

  7. Who wants to destroy weak countries and keep exploiting from them?
    It's the west. White people don't want equality, they want to keep discriminating and spread hatred through media. White people need to learn from Japanese social system.

  8. the five tips recommended here are:

    1) connect = social relationships! invest the time and energy
    2) be active = contributes hugely to a positive mood
    3) take notice = be mindful
    4) keep learning = curiosity-based, from simple to big things
    5) give!

  9. The Industrial Growth Economy is measured by GDP, and it's grinding to a stop… it's met the limits to growth. But human growth and ingenuity is not going to stop growing, so we need a new measure of that growth. Some form of the Happy Planet Index is going to be the measure of the new [sustainable steady-state] Social Economy.

  10. I completely support his cause.

    All we care about till now is to develop our quality of life and we sucked up lots of natural resources for that.

    There has to be a balance in that and hopefully, HPI shows just that. I'm sure Americans won't like though.


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