Tech N9ne “Worldwide Choppers” ft. Busta Rhymes,
Yelawolf, Twisted Insane, Ceza, JL, Twista, U$O & D-Loc
Official Hip Hop Song | Strange Music
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  1. All the max speeds in syllables per second:
    Ceza: 10.9SPS (12 syllables in about 1.101 seconds)
    "Bir minik mikrofonunu getir bak jak"
    Tech: 11.6SPS (15 syllables in about 1.285 seconds)
    "Gobble the track up like I'm grubbin' at Mama Nakas, I"
    JL: 12.1SPS (15 syllables in about 1.235 seconds)
    "Check it I'm ahead of em chop it up with the veterans"
    U$O: 12.8SPS (16 syllables in about 1.246 seconds)
    "Det minder mig om vi stikker det af for de kalder mig alle"
    Yela: 10.2SPS (12 syllables in about 1.167 seconds)
    "Peter Piper dump a pile of peppers in your"
    Twista: 13SPS (17 syllables in about 1.302 seconds)
    "Breaking them off into particles, they get in a predicament"
    Busta: 12.7SPS (18 syllables in about 1.410 seconds)
    "And then I'll hit 'em again at a minimum, repeat it, coming to killing 'em"
    D-Loc: 10.9SPS (17 syllables in about 1.548 seconds)
    "My fire annihilate make fighters retire instantly"
    Twisted: 15.2SPS (18 syllables in about 1.184 seconds)
    "I hit 'em with venom when I get up in 'em I bend 'em and send 'em and"

    So you can get an accurate reference on speeds. The only one I might have miscalculated is Twisted Insane, since most calculations yield around 14SPS as the result, but the rest I believe to be 100% accurate. For reference, Twisted Insane and D-Loc are the only ones deserving to be in a top 50ish, and both not on this song. These flows are nice but face it, they are average speed.

  2. If people think shit like bad and Boujee, or Raindrop, or any of that other shit is real hip hop, they gotta listen to this. Let's see them sing along. We real hip hop fans can do it, but the rest of 'em can all go shoot up.


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