Tech writer Jim Rossman takes a closer look at Apple Pay and the newly released Samsung Pay. Apple Pay uses near field communication (NFC) to transmit your transaction data, while Samsung Pay is compatible with older card machines that use magnetic swipes. Jim tried the technology at a couple vending machines, and at Slow Bone restaurant in Dallas.


  1. In 2016 NFC readers are built into 99% of payment terminals. Most no longer have the NFC logo. Most common people see the Verifone MX series which all have NFC built in. They are all black sleek terminals practically at every single place.

    The most crippling fact for Android options is that Apple Pay doesn't require Data/LTE or any cellular signal to work and Android Pay/Samsung Pay require data to be on.

    So I can only have my Apple Watch on my wrist and headphones on and have no wallet or anything or my phone even and I can go into a gas station or walgreens or grocery store grab a water thanks to my Apple Watch's Apple Pay and be back on the go in seconds. That extends to so many other situations beyond running too whether I have my phone or just my watch.

    I really think one of the only places neither work is Walmart just because they want everyone to use the silly Walmart pay stuff and every company in that whole dumb QR payment thing where they want everyone to give their socials and addresses and full names and all just to use it.

  2. this guy is a dumb ass you need to put the phone on the right place i have tried it like that you know what i mean and it works just 10 seconds not 1.5 minutes you are a bias!!!!

  3. I used to do this in 2013 on my galaxy s4…smh I hate how people thinks apple innovate every piece of technology…Google wallet never got half the exposure apple pay did yet it was the same technology..used years before smh..

  4. I love how hard he's trying to not say Samsung pay is better or anything. the ability to pay virtually anywhere>crapples solution. Samsung pay with MST is simply the victor here, you can bet your bottom dollar Apple will adopt in on the iPhone 9. yes 9, because they are always 2 years behind Android in technology. like still not having good low light camera, no fast charging, no full HD screen, no led screen, and tbe list goes on …

  5. In the restaurant, he wasn't placing the phone in the correct spot, the phone is supposed to be where the card is supposed to be swiped which is why his fourth attempt worked. Not ideal in those kind of environments, but it did work. Apple pay will take a long time to be implemented everywhere as small businesses will take the longest time implementing that technology.

  6. I wouldn't say it is "hard" like you said in the end of the video, it's just learning how to use the tech, and know how to spot someone who is willing to work with you (like you did in the video) and pay for it. If it is somewhere where you have to reach across, (like you did in the video) its probably not going to work. It takes retraining the cashiers, because all I say is, is that they need to run the transaction just like I was going to pay with a card, and let me do the rest. Usually that works. Unless you are at a sit down restaurant… don't let the waiter walk away with your phone. Just give them the card instead. Don't try it at gas station pumps or ATMs either. It won't work (push in readers, not sliders).


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