Martin Seligman talks about psychology — as a field of study and as it works one-on-one with each patient and each practitioner. As it moves beyond a focus on disease, what can modern psychology help us to become?


  1. Happy? Psychology doesn't want you happy; it wants you with a uncurable, possibly treatable diagnosis, several if possible, so you keep cuttin' them checks.

  2. The positive psychology treats human how to be happy or how to live with happiness. At some extend in our life we had a period that we were happy. This new trend works to maintain and sustain the period for human. There are many ways, the first they did they made people to think happy. That why after sixty years of studying diseases, they shifted to happiness and strength of human. This is actually give new and positive reviews to psychology and psychologists. This approach divided the happy life as, the pleasantness, the good life and the meaningful life. One technique for a person to experience them is to be social. Of the person becomes social he can experience them

  3. If you want anything to work well there must be GOOD MORAL STANDARDS TO BE IN HEALTHY AND HAPPY AND SO IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT.. So never tell anyone hooked into a matrix to decieve others that government employees have broke laws against you, but the only thing that would take ones safe well being away, and for them trying to control people into patting bad on the back for CRIMES.. So what you are left with are people with decent humane in them being told they are now schitzos-ADD-Bipolars-All them labels put out by big pharma (1,out for $$$ only)to tear down those not believing the SMUCK FILTHING LIES that they know can never be backed by test. So when motive 1 intent is $$$ =BAD MOTIVES but DECEPTIONS TO CONTROL ONES… By the way I've known many psychologists. So guess what from that I'd say you're a psychiatrist for the zombifying drug pushings okayed but only by not good motive types

  4. I find it interesting when he defines the 'meaningful life' as living a life of action toward something greater than yourself, resulting in a sense of purpose that lives on beyond your own immortality. In addition to this whats more interesting is the reality of ones experience of 'the meaningful life'. When acting altruistically the mind is essentially creating an image generated by thought of a 'possible meaning' greater than oneself and in some respects allows the individual to reach out, to connect, and in doing so expand the parameters of one's own self image. It seems that this expansions of 'the self' is the main ingredient in creating a long lasting positive emotion.
    When this activity is coupled with 'flow' which can only be described as 'being in the moment' or the absense of 'time' and therefore 'measurement/thought', the individual has removed the possibilty of psychological conflict in that moment because they have moved away from a 'divisive mindset' (that increases the chances of conflicting ideas colliding) toward a 'non-divisive mindset' (which lowers the chances of conflicitng ideas colliding). This 'expansion of 'the self' in conjuction with a 'non divisive mindset' allows for high levels of statisfaction, and furthermore creates strong physical bonds/links in the mind that subsequently enables the likelyhood of an individual returning to such a state in his/hers future.

  5. Not trying to be negative but this is soo… inside the box on the surface concepts. You can't possibly tell if another person is happy without asking/talking to him even if you know all the details about him like how much friends he has, what he does and what his financial situation is or how much he is 'in the flow' or even how well he understands his strengths and the purpose of his life… We could easily find 2 people with the same goals, same understanding about life, same financial situation, same pleasures, same social life, same amount of 'flow'… One of them could be very happy, another – very unhappy. Very simply put – one focuses on positive things, another – on negative. And it doesn't matter one bit what his social life or financial situation is – it's the attitude towards it what really matters. We can be as thorough as you like – why social life doesn't bring you happiness – it doesn't quite teach you to appreciate what you have or to live in the moment and/or unconditionally accept yourself, and that's obviously only one or two possible outcomes out of millions where negative thinker can sabotage his own happiness. Trying to make yourself happy by engaging in external actions in the hopes of living up to someone's standards (aka "you MUST have husband/wife and 2 kids") or seeking pleasures is fundamentally wrong. If you could choose to either have pleasure/friends/wife or husband/kids/acceptance from others/fancy car/fancy house/millions in bank account/you-name-it OR happiness, which one would you choose? The only reason you could possibly want any of these things on the left from 'OR' is for you at least temporarily to become happy, so the answer should be clear, isn't it? What is absolutely certain is that source of happiness is DEFINITELY NOT technology, entertainment or design – those are all quite meaningless things all by themselves in this regard since both depressed and happy people have access to them and there is absolutely no correlation for happy people to be more involved in these things. I can't actually believe he really said that at 22:44. If I believed illuminati existed, I would say this guy is a perfect example of it – talking things like that and showing signs with his hands 23:25 haha.

  6. I was a psych. major and one thing we need from this field; stop asking cute little questions in psych. classes/presentations.  Make statements, and provide proof.  Getting to a cute question is not getting to answers. We can do better than that.

  7. I was on the bandwagon with Professor Jordan Peterson who said this is stupid field and nothing new. Don't get me wrong, I respect him, but my own opinion is that this might not be exactly a new concept but it's still a good one. It'd be nice if in the realm of psychology I didn't learn much of anything outside abnormal psych or psychiatry and all the medications and diagnoses. I have schizoaffective bipolar II and borderline personality but if I focus on mindfulness, staying sober and positive thought I actually can get better than merely moving from a -8 to a -3 as they say.

  8. I've considered the positive approach to psychology, but never thought about how counter it is to the typical manner of approaching the subject until I read his paper and started studying health care reformation. I'm excited about the idea of positive approach to psych being seen as more important in the coming years.

  9. I've always dreamed of being a psychologist, but I never enjoyed the idea of focusing so much on problems and studying so much only about diseases. Mr. Seligman has just made my dream possible: be a psychologist that helps people to be the best they can and design a great life for themselves. Now, I'm seriously thinking again to be a psychologist. I'm grateful!


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