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Here’s a conundrum: Identical twins originate from the same DNA … so how can they turn out so different — even in traits that have a significant genetic component? Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna explains that while nature versus nurture has a lot to do with it, a deeper, related answer can be found within something called epigenetics.

Lesson by Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna, animation by Chris Bishop.


  1. This effectively gives more weight to the nurture part in the nature vs. nurture debate. I also think a major part of growth is prenatal development, which sadly the person has no control over. Certain negative effects during that time can carry impressions as the child grows. They can only hope their mom was living responsibly while they grew inside her.

  2. this science is fascinating but especially in the case of illnesses of any kind, even depression.
    This would explain why scientists thought that many illnesses or conditions such as alcoholism or drug dependency somehow had their origins in DNA.
    But it's the DNA which reacts to the person's choices, whether conscious or unconscious…..

  3. i think its wrong, if your parent had a certain behaviour you do not inherit it, may be you will have it, but only because of the social environment ( in this case your parents) i also think that human nature is to change

  4. Can being gay (homosexuality) or transsexuality be explained by Epigenetics? could for example a baby boy receive her mom's sexuality epigenomes and as result like his same-sex? or a baby girl to obtain her dad's gender epigenomes and identity as male? could these traits be activated/deactivated in the tagging process too?

  5. yea but it's hard to have a healthy lifestyle and exercise often I've been trying to build up a healthy lifestyle for almost three years now and I'm still fighting with my laziness and sleep "addiction" and I just don't know what to do anymore.

  6. It amazes me how this channel succeeds in targeting a widely diverged age demographic without making it to hard for younger audience or to childish for adults. it explains extremely complicated stuff in a simplified way without making it dull. Thanks for this amazing channel and for enriching a lot of people's lives.


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