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  1. Vegans
    To all vegans I would like to say that I'm personally don't have a single thing against all of you. I think that what you guys are trying to do are good, although you are not doing them the right way. If my understanding of why vegans are vegans is correct then it means that you are trying to help animals. You are trying to help animals by not eating meat. But if you actually thought about it once, really went through everything you would realize that not eating meat does not really help the animals and I will explain why. First off I would like to start on saying that I do consistently do and hear a lot related to cattle. I go to packing plants i have seen the whole thing happen and the whole process. Most of my family does have a lot to do with farming. My father has been in the business for the longest time. What I'm trying to get to is that I have lots of first hand experience. Another thing that I would like to clear out is that I am not completely locked on the fact that being vegan is bad and if somebody gives me a good reason to be vegan or facts on how being vegan helps the animals I would gladly listen. Now to get to my point, being vegan does not save animals. I will tell you a scenario or an example of what being vegan can do and how it can be worse.
    Now let's say that I own a small farm with a small amount of cattle in a small town. Let's say I had 100 cows and this village has 100 people. Now let's say that every month each one of the villagers bought one cow worth of meat. So to sum it up every month I get or buy one hundred cows and in that same month i sell all my cows. Now let's say I sell one cow for $1,000. Ok so now none of my costumers are vegan and everyone buys one cow a month. Ok now fifty percent of the villagers are vegan now, so they do not buy meat from me. So now I only sell fifty cows a month for the same price because of the vegans, woohoo now only 50 cows are dying. It does not just stay that way. Do you know what the farmer or in this case I do? I lower the price and increase production rate. It's the smart thing to do, now that I have decreased the production or how many cows i buy and selling them for a lower price I may be making less money per cow but am making more money in total. So now instead of having 100 cows I have 500 but instead of selling them for $1,000 I am selling them for $500. Now those fifty percent cattle because the price drops. So now because of the 50 percent that chose to be vegan more cows are dying.

    To sum it all up more vegans more cows lower prices more cows being bought means more cows dying. Feel free to ask questions and argue thank you for your attention.

  2. I'm crying. I want to become vegan so much. I have been vegetarian almost a year and I cook everything vegan in my own home, but the hardest part is going to my parents or friends home and try to eat vegan… I have heard so much bad things after I went vegetarian, and more and more when I try to eat vegan. I hope I get the courage now to do what I want from now on despite of how much hate I hear. Thank you for an awesome video.

  3. Meat is too good.Even if I became vegan, it would not effect anything,the slaughterhouses will still go on,unless the president becomes vegan and bans meat…then it would make a difference..there is always gonna always be that one person that will never neglect meat

  4. I feel so, so, so bad now. I really would love to live vegan but Im young an my parents dont want that and I just cant handle it on my own. So i wanted to be a vegetarian but my parents said, that I HAVE to eat meat at least one time a week. I said yes because it was better than nothing, but I feel just so bad about it T_T

  5. this is sick what people are doing. if wed do this humanly and that we would let the animals be free and when the killing time comes they would have good happy life. The killing would be done like the jewish way because the animal doesent feel pain that way. Im my self a meat lover and animal lover but this video actually made me tear up

  6. Funny how he thinks eating animals causes cancer. Veganism makes no sense to me. They should be able to look past themselves, and see that killing them so we can live is the way nature intended. The cows would die anyway. Why not let they're final resting place be in my belly, allowing me to live and to get the nutrients I need to live. Also, you know that fields and field of flattened land used for growing crops isn't any better than smaller fields with animals in them. The soil is fertilized with cow manure. If we didn't have cows making that stuff, we would all have to rely on chemical fertilizers, which are not good for the environment either.


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