Kevin Breel didn’t look like a depressed kid: team captain, at every party, funny and confident. But he tells the story of the night he realized that — to save his own life — he needed to say four simple words.

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  1. It took me two years to seek help . I am having a big progress.i will cut down my medications in three months but still I watch this regularly to remind me the journey I ve gone through 🙂

  2. depression hurt me hard in my childhood,nobody likes my painting,nobody likes the models i made,nobody likes any thing i im 19,moved to a new city ,started a new life, i believe i can heal myself in future.
    Thanks to this video,thank you Kevin.

  3. This is so impressive! I've been struggling with depression since I was a teenager. It is basically linked to heavy shyness and anxiety and I would never be able to give a speech like this. I almost lose my speech when being in an episode of depression.

  4. My daughter took her life at age 19 by jumping off a local bridge. Please talk about your depression, don't do marijuanna. You think it is harmless it gave her psychosis.. see Deborah Gordon Rest in Peace

  5. As each day goes by, I get more and more hopeless. I have tried every medication, herb, supplement, exercise, and I just can't shake it. About once a month, I'll feel great, and just think wow, this is not all in my head. This is real. This is not just being lazy, there is something wrong with me. I have a family so I can't take the easy way out. Just keep swimming…

  6. Metaphetamine and coffee may give you the cure my friend! And learn to meditate: look at yourself as if from another person's perspective. Best speech ever

  7. I spent the day crying alone and feeling crazy. Battled depression and suicide for over 10 years secretly hoping it would go away. Society and my family swept my attempts under the rug afraid to bring my pain to light. Now I'm seeking real help but it is not easy. I broke down today bc dealing with insurance and trying to find affordable help is overwhelming and a maze like roller coaster ride. Thank you for sharing your heart. It brings me hope knowing I am not alone.

  8. I don't know what the deal is but no matter what we do we can't seem to remove the stigma from mental health problems. Theres just always the assumption that its your fault and you just need to do something to fix it. I also think humans don't do real well with things they can't see. If someones in a wheel chair we can see that and believe in their disability. If something is occuring in someones mind then we can't see it so we don't believe it.

  9. I think we run because we don't know how to help for me I fear I make the person mote depressed guilty lower his self esteem and make his situation worse or her situation thats why I shy away a little but still try to help.
    I would be grateful of anyone told me how to really help a depressed person

  10. This video describes my life 100% One night I was on the edge and had a gun to my head. I shared that with a close friend before pulling the trigger. She called the police and they took me from my home, took all my weapons and got me the treatment I needed. I will never be over depression. It's hereditary and not my fault. But I have sleeked out help instead of ending my life. Partly because of this video. I can't say I won't pull the trigger but I am getting help.

  11. God bless his genuine soul…may he find healing in his life, he deserves it. Thank you for being so real and down to Earth and addressing a problem everyone else is too scared to.

  12. All he said about being despressed is spot on, except that "real depression is being sad when everything in your life is going right". Depression can happen that way, but I don't consider my life being all right when I was abused by my dad. So depression can still be triggered by bad experiences. When he says "real" depression, that is kind of insulting because it makes it sould like it's the only depression.

  13. I accepted the fact that maybe I'll never be okay, and though it hurts smiling for others people happiness is just a daily thing for me because nobody ever should feel the way I do.

  14. I have felt extremely depressed, lack of desire to do anything, and the cause for this is… Nothing. I don't get it, I feel as if stress is genetic. My father would often get nervous over nothing as well. It comes and goes, I get excited about my life, then I get sad again. I don't have any reason to be sad. I have bad habits, maybe that's the cause. I know that if I keep going, things will improve. Still, I stress and stress and stress.

  15. First, I would like to thank you for not committing a suicide, and for being brave when you were so close to do so. Being a medical student, we were taught that depression are mild forms of psychotic illness. I never really thought that real depression could be so dangerous that could even take life of the people. I also appreciate your discussion point that we are people, we have problems, we are not perfect and that’s okay and we need to stop ignorance, stop the intolerance, stop the stigma, stop the silence and take away the taboos, we need to look at the truth and start talking. To begin with, depression is not being sad when something in our life goes wrong. Sadness is something we all experience. It is a normal reaction to difficult times in life and usually passes with a little time and comes and goes as the happiness does. Real depression is being sad when everything in life is going right. When a person has depression, it interferes with daily life and normal functioning. As the stigma surrounding depression and mental illness is so vast in our global society, people are afraid of being judged, so people stays silent, keep their problems within themselves and when they think they cannot cope as the time pass by, they think of committing suicide which is the saddest part. Depressed people really seek help not ignorance. Despite of fear of what our society might think knowing that someone they know is depressed or is mentally ill, people should take all the gut to speak up about their depression. When we get a cut, we bleed. People know we are hurt. They don’t have to look for the signs. But when our wound is on the inside, it’s different. We should light up in purple when our depression and anxiety felt the strongest, so that people could know we aren’t faking it, we are depressed and we seek help and support. As Kevin says, the more we talk about depression, the less of a stigma it will hold. It may not seem like it, but talking about mental illnesses openly could literally save million lives. People must talk about depression from now until it’s too late

  16. To my friends and family, I put on this fake persona of a confident and happy guy because I know that they won't understand or won't care about the suicidal thoughts that haunt me on the inside. I always feel like a failure and I don't know what to do because I'm too much of a coward to commit suicide and too much of a coward to reach out for help

  17. God damn it this is the most relate-able speaker I've seen so far, If I tell my friends and parents I'm depressed they tell me "everyone goes through it" and "cheer up", it's it's so much fucking more than that, you can't just "cheer up" if you have depression, and no, "everyone" doesn't go through it, but TOO MANY go through it without anyone lending a helping hand. Depression is a massive problem that i just flat out ignored, and for me, I'm only 17 and I've looked at life in many different ways because of depression and although I haven't fully overcome it, I promise that pushing through the rough patches gives you the greatest feeling you can ever have

  18. He said something about posting on Face Book… I've tried that. Mostly people are so uncomfortable they don't know what to say or do. A few will even tell you to "shape up" or "get help" — (I HAVE been "getting help" for decades now). But like any disease, depression follows an individual response to treatment…and mine is chronic No happy endings.

  19. This young man does a great job describing depression. He has a very powerful message that needs to be shared. Men, especially, hide their feelings and emotions from others because of a stigma that has been created. Calling us weak or telling us it's not manly. We are not weak for talking a out our mental health. Strength comes from being in difficult situations and persevering. Understanding oneself and their own weaknesses is what makes us stronger. It's time for the world to not ignore the mental health of our loved ones and neighbors. We need to stand up for each other and face this as one.

  20. Interesting  that you are 19, because 36 years ago when I was 19, I wanted to commit suicide as well.  I had struggle for years with depression before that.  Than one night I picked up a Gideon Bible my sister had brought home from an event and started to read it…Long story short…I cried out "God if you're real and you're there, please help me or help me to kill myself!"  I felt a presence in the room, the horrible emptiness that had been there for so many years just melted away.  Such awesome peace filled me up and I fell a sleep…woke up the next morning and things were soooooo different.  When Jesus came in HE FILLED UP THE EMPTINESS WITH LOVE….soooooo very thankful even after all these years.

  21. People who survive depression. Let me tell you. ARE some of the strongest and wisest minds in society. Because if you've experienced the real form of this illness then you truely discover how debilitating , damaging and painful it can be. But it can be beaten and everyone who does so has proven to themselves that you are a strong person who has helped themself to become grounded, centered and at peace with the way things are.

    It takes a lot of introspection in order to gain some control and to find your root cause. But don't give up, seek help, learn about physchology, don't let others belittle you. Acknowledge this feelings and take action and most of all HELP yourself, educate yourself and you will get through this and start to enjoy your life you deserve.

  22. sometimes i think i'm weak and i should be happy with my life bcs everything in it is perfectly fine but i just don't feel like that. i've been diagnosticated with several depression 2 months ago and even if i know is a illness, why i feel like i'm just being selfish and pity? i think everything i'm feeling is just for my inmature self
    i''m not even accepting the fact that i have a illness and i torture myself every day with feelings of guilt
    i'm sorry about my english

  23. What saved me was high quality supplement. Daily 4,000 IU vitamin D and high quality of fish oil. High quality vitamin B complex plus magnesium for a few months then cut back to half. Been through it all. This was the fix for me after years and years of Depression . Stay strong you will see bright blue skies again!

  24. A lot of people can post positive,tough, and strong stuff on this comment section but not me I am a person who has been depressed
    For about three years and I hate it thinking of only the bad stuff and only every now and then really feeling happy.


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